March 28th Cant open the window

So I wake this morning and she told me she cant get the window open. I asked if she unlocked the window. She pops on me, tells me shes not an idiot and yes she checked to see if the window was locked. So I walk over to the window and unlock it and open the window. In her defense the windows do have 2 locks and other windows in the house only have one.. Im right handed and she is left handed so she checked the one that was unlocked. But my asking her if she checked the lock was me being a jerk

March 23rd The Roku locked up

Our Roku has gotten a lot of use over the last 2 weeks and it locked up. Of course I wasnt the one using it when it locked up but it soon became my responsibility. I told my dearest that it just needed to be rebooted. She walked up to the Roku, touched it and then threw the remote at me and told me  […]

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Sunday March 22nd. Feeding the dog

First post. We were stuck at home with the coronavirus quarantine. It was also our anniversary. We had made plans to go out to a nice restaurant but since were in we in we decided to cook steaks. Well when I was done I put my scraps in the dogs food bowl. When She went to walk the dog he smelled the  […]

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